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I may not post much anymore on deviantART, but I am relatively active on Tumblr and YouTube. I try to post at least one video a month. Here is one of my latest videoes~

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I like that favourite.
That's a nice favourite.



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Hallo people of Persia! (one of my favourite quotes from Veggie Tales ^^)

I, along with my buddy Sodesi, are starting a donation pool as an attempt to get a Premium Membership :)

The reason this is so important is cos there has been a lot going on lately... my mother's making corny jokes and strange noises that she thinks are funny... my father's aging... my brother... I really don't know what he is... my other brother's growing grey hair already... and my sister's not here to comfort me :tears: AND I LOST MY FAVOURITE PENNY NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

...ok, maybe all of that's not much of a problem in my life :( sorry... I feel bad now :( I'll tell you what: mebe if you give me a point I can give you a llama? OOOOOOOOOR I can take requests from any of you lovely people ^^ And I'm not saying you HAVE to donate, I'm just saying you can :) I don't want to force peoples into doing stuff they don't want to do, like listen to sad sob stories like this terrible excuse above :iconarrowupplz: (although everything up there is trueWHAT)

If you do choose to donate to either me or Sodesi, we'd really appreciate it! :D

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Hallo there! I'm TheOriginalBeatleBug, although I'll go by any name - some form of Bug, Beatle, John, whatever you like ^^ I am a Beatles fanatic who wants to be a paperback writer ;P But for now, I just think of book ideas and write out fan fictions, doodle chicken scratch, make music videos that can be seen on my YouTube (particularly Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures music videos), and attempt other forms of art.

Wanna find me somewhere else?
Skype: TheOriginalBeatleBug (If you'd like to add me, PLEASE include your username in the request or some way of letting me know who you are. I'd rather not run into anymore spammers. xc )

If you find another BeatleBug somewhere else and it looks like it could be me, just ask if it is ^^



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I need to buy more..

By the way, I claimed the Doctor, thanks to Claim-A-Person!

I have also adopted Ian Marter from Get-a-Celebrity


Anyroad, that's just a bit about me! See ya!

People I Know IRL You Should Check Out:
:iconsodesi: Draws ponies and is part of the Endless Forest Community
:iconlivinglifeinacartoon: Draws Homestuck and Invader Zim, makes cosplay stuff, currently writing a zombie apocalypse story
:iconsquiddleknit: Posts whatever the foof she wants
:icondeadpeopledying: Draws Creepypasta, Marble Hornets, etc.
:iconthe-flying-elephant: Draws amazingly well :meow: I don't think she has any sort of theme at the moment of what she posts, but you should check her out anyway!
:icongirlwitharubbersoul: My poodle sister; A doodler who draws the Beatles, the Monkees, and other Classic Rock stuff here and there, plus Pulp and otha fun stuff ^^
:iconsweetangel3: Also posts whatever the foof she wants
:iconfunkytown85: Animeish?
:iconsecretkeeper12: MCR

(They are in order in which I found their deviantART accounts ^^)

My "Family":
:iconhairidan: Meine kleine Nutmeg :meow:
:icondoctorsiggy: My pet scarf eue
:iconpurplepenguin3: My time-traveling mother
:icong5green: My rebel nerd sister
:icondorfal: My secret long-lost Beatlesque twin
:iconnegativenevermind: My awesome sause sister
:iconjokerbigbeatle: SISTEEEEERRRRR
:iconrebelwithapencil: My awesomely sweet sister :meow: WATCH OUT, SHE'S GOT A PENCIL!
:iconya5minie88: My pet Ringo :meow:
:icontissuebox2: Yet another awesome sister!

(No particular order here XP)
If you'd like to be in my family, feel free to ask :aww:

Plz Accounts Made By Yours Truly:

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(well, technically, thrice, but I may have to talk about the lovely tagger about that)
Hallo all you people out there! I seem to have a bad habit of popping in and out of here, don't I.. Heh heh..
Sorry about that. Life sure does happen a lot, doesn't it? As do school and other projects..
Anyroad, after piling through many deviations, messages, and such, it appears I've been tagged twice again!
So, without further ado..

[TAGGED BY Monkeygal12345 AND Spitfire-SOS]

[Monkeygal12345'S RULES]

You must post these rules:
1. Each person must share 10 things about them. (oH GOD ONE OF THESE AGain)
2. Answer the 10 questions asked to you, and invent 10 new questions that shall be asked to the people you will tag. (Right-o..)
3. Choose 10 people, and put their icon on your journal. (ech. Maybe)


1. I recently got my wisdom teeth taken out.
2. That makes 4 surgeries total.
3. I'm for some reason more active on Tumblr and YouTube than deviantART :(
4. I thought I was caught up to at least Series 7 of Doctor Who, but then I remembered I still have to watch the special.
5. I started a picture of Ian Marter months ago but have yet to finish it.
6. I start school again on Monday ;; (that is, if I don't choose to stay home)
7. I've gotten 4/6 exam results back so far, and 3/4 of those turned out really good :la:
8. This book has kILLED ME WAIt, I've already mentioned that before, haven't I?
9. I reread some of my old journals recently.. Dear god @_@
10. I enjoy eating pasta.

[QUESTIONS FROM Monkeygal12345]

1) Pasta, maple syrup, or hamburgers?

Pasta all the way! :dummy:

2)Do you think Jon Bon Jovi is hawt??? (Cuz he SO is)

*le shrug* Not bad ;P

3)Do you like mustard on your face?

Wh.. Not really, no..

4)Have you read the Origami Yoda series?

I have not.

5)Black Sabbath or AC/DC?


6)Rolling Stones or Queen?

Oooh that's tough.. Queen, maybe?

7)Music or reading?


8) Hate these questions or naw

Some are a bit on the difficult side, but, overall, they're not too bad~

9) Do you say things like BAE, YOLO, and XD?

Not really, no. I do say things like "ye," "k," "same," "bruh," "noice m8," and "probably" too much tho.

10) What color are your bedroom walls, bedspread, and furniture? (Not that I stalk you...)

Okay then..
My bedroom walls are a really light pastel yellow, my bedspread is blue, and the rest of my furniture is mostly white. Exciting, I know. 


1. What's your favourite fruit?

I really like pineapple :meow:

2. What was your favourite cartoon when you little? If any.

Hmm.. Probably Arthur.

3. If you could choose one of your OC's to bring into the real world. Who would it be?

Reena, I guess?

4. If you could go to any fictional universe, which would you go to and why?

Doctor Who, bruh. Bruh.
I don't know, I think it'd be fun to pop in like :icondapperharryplz:
Especially if I could pick which era of Doctor Who.

5. You get a chance to become any animal, mythical or real, for 48 hours, what animal would you choose?


6. Fantasy or Sci-fi? Or neither? Or both?


7. You're a witch/wizard! Which house are you sorted into when you get to Hogwarts?
 Harry Potter - Gryfindor Harry Potter - Ravenclaw Harry Potter - Slytherin Harry Potter - Hufflepuf 

Ooh, I don't know.. Hufflepuff?

8. Do you like snow, think it's ok, or despise it?

I like snow ^^

9. Do you like horror films/books?

Not really, no >.< Sometimes, they're just too weird for me..

10. Can you play any musical instruments?

I hate to brag, but I play a MEAN triangle.. *ting*
I used to play pianoish as well.


1. You're at a friend's house and you open a cupboard to find a young, flirtatious woman who had been stalking you at an art museum on your birthday. What do?
2. Alien attack! What do?
3. Do you have a favourite pairing? If so, what is it?
4. Do you have a favourite song? If so, what is it? If not, how tired are you of hearing this question?
5. Do you remember jeep?
6. Someone gives you pepperoni out of nowhere. What do?
7. “‘Perhaps we’ll see a lion,’ said Harry excitedly. Instead they found a body.”
Any thoughts?
8. You realize a suspicious woman's name is an almost-anagram of your best friend's name. What do?
9. Did you have a nice Christmas/whatever holiday you do/don't celebrate?
10. Do you like tangerines?
Bonus question: Do you smoke marikwana? (no typo jsyk)


If anyone else is interested in tagging themselves and blaming it on me, then go ahead~ ;P
  • Listening to: Typity type type
  • Reading: Whatever's readable
  • Watching: The computer screen
  • Playing: The Game (haha, you lose!)
  • Eating: Imaginary popcorn
  • Drinking: Whatever goes well with imaginary popcorn

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